breakfast à la carte

Leichtsinn | feel-good food | Finally we offer you breakfast à la carte

The »Leichtsinn« breakfast philosophy:

feel-good breakfast: the healthy start.

Our philosophy of levity also comes to bear at breakfast: for a good
start to the day, we pamper you with vitamin-rich and healthy offers.
Hearty muesli, wholemeal buns (either homemade or by the bakery
around the corner), fresh fruit, good coffee and freshly squeezed

We have a wide range of lovingly prepared breakfast offers. And for the individualists among you, there is finally breakfast à la carte : choose from your favourite ingredients and create your very own personal light-heartedness breakfast.

Simply ask the service staff for the breakfast menu!

It’s nice that you’re starting your day with us.
Your hosts Bernhard & Josué

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